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Meeting Notes

Group Meeting: 24/1/12

As far as I know everybody knows what they are doing this week but just to make sure:

Myself & Aivaras ‘Ivy’ Zujus : Production of Space Reading (relate to Venice)
Ryan Powell: Bakhtin and the Carnivalesque
Pria Kaur J: Bakhtin and the Carnivalesque (continue reading the politics and poetics of transgression)
Uche Victor & Poonam Cham – Pierre Bourdieu – Distinction (Habitus & Hexis in relation to Venice as a place)

MEETING NEXT WEDNESDAY  1/2/12 From 2PM TIL 4PM @ Coventry Library Room: 108 (meet either in reception or outside the room as with the new system in the library we have to get the card key etc)

I have asked everybody and we are all avaliable to meet on a Weds so it makes more sense rather than coming in on a day we wouldnt usually need to. Also in regards to the film screenings I spoke to Spencer today and he doesnt see any need for us to be attending any of the films other than the one showing on the Feb 15th which is directly relevant to our topic. 

Finally, We have a meeting with Martyn and Spencer on weds 1/2/12 after the lecture, can everybody try and post up on the archive by Tuesday evening so that we can show them our progress and what we have all done please. We should all be at the meeting with Martyn and Spencer as the feedback were going to get from him will be important.



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