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This week reading and watching a few videos on Bourdieu theory on Habitus I have been trying to apply the key concepts from the theory to things around me and how everything is stuctured. After reading more about Bourdieu theory on habitus it as encouraged me to look into how different groups of people from different working clases behave and what makes them behave the way they do and lead lifestyles in different ways to others.

Culture, religion, tradition and the country in which people live or are from can play a big roll on how people behave and personalities its what there identity is made up.
Festivals and carnivals can be a represnation of what groups of people are like or it could be a representation of how they want to be represented to other groups of different clases or countries to show them their way of living. With most cultures and classes there are social sterotypes attatched and live by there ideolological ways within there own society.

Heres a video I used to help me understand Bourdieu theory on Habitus more:


These are a few points I picked up about Habitus from the video:

-Habitus is the structure through which we produce our thoughts and actions 

-The Habitus structures the social world and it is structured by the social world 

-Habitus constrains but does not determine thought and action, thought and action are constrained because the Habitus on suggests what a person should think or how a person should act.



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