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Meeting Notes

Group Meeting – 1/2/12

Coventry University Library, Room 108
Wednesday 1st February 2012
People in attendance:
Justina Cordis, Ryan Powell, Aivaras Zujus, Victor Uche, Poonam Cham
1) To discuss previous individual tasks;
Justina & Aivaras ‘Ivy’ Zujus:
Production of Space Reading (relate to Venice)
Ryan Powell:
Bakhtin and the Carnivalesque
Pria Jandu:
Bakhtin and the Carnivalesque (continue reading the politics and poetics of transgression)
Victor Uche & Poonam Cham:
Pierre Bourdieu – Distinction (Habitus & Hexis in relation to Venice as a place)
2) Any problems were sorted out such as gaining access and posting up on the archive. We all discussed Bourdieu’s concept of Habitus and Hexis and shared the Lecture notes so that it would help Poonam and Victor consolidate their readings.
Justina and Aivaras discussed the ‘Production of Space’ reading with group, its relevance, and will be continuing to make understanding of the text with relation to the research project, posting up literature reviews over the next few days.
Ryan and Justina discussed the media representations of Venice that they have analysed and Ryan also highlighted the next media representation intended to watch which is Casanova, to, review and analyse by next week’s meeting. Justina will be reviewing ‘The Tourist’ which will provide a modern representation of Venice.
Ryan spoke about ‘Introducing Bakhtin’ and the concepts discussed. Having already posted an initial literature review, he will be finishing the reading and completing the review in good time before next week’s meeting.Poonam and Victor discussed the work that they had completed on habitus and hexis and the direction that they intend to go in for next week’s meeting. Victor and Poonam will have the work posted on the archive by tonight.3) Tasks that need to be completed for next week’s meeting were also delegated.

Justina Cordis:
Completion of ‘the Production of Space’, posting up a thorough literature review; begin reading on the concept of Futurism.
Ryan Powell:
Completion of ‘Introducing Bakhtin’, posting up a completed literature review highlighting the key concepts and relevance to the research project; begin reading on the concept of Futurism.
Pria Jandu:
History of the Carnival of Venice and the relation to Venice as a ‘place’; a complete literature review of ‘the Politics and Poetics of Transgression’.
Victor Uche & Poonam Cham:
Pierre Bourdieu – Distinction (Habitus & Hexis in relation to Venice as a place)
Aivaras Zujus:
Continue reading ‘The Production of Space’, posting a complete literature review on the archive by next week’s meeting; researching the location Venice, such as maps, monuments and possible derives.
Next meeting scheduled for Wednesday 8th February 2012. Time and place to be confirmed.


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