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Meeting Notes

Group Meeting 8/2/2012


Coventry University Library, Room 108
Wednesday 8st February 2012
People in attendance:
Justina Cordis, Ryan Powell, Aivaras Zujus, Pria Jandu
People not in attendence:
Victor Uche, Poonam Cham  ?????

1) To discuss previous individual tasks;

Justina Cordis: 
Completion of ‘the Production of Space’, posting up a thorough literature review; begin reading on the concept of Futurism.
Ryan Powell:
Completion of ‘Introducing Bakhtin’, posting up a completed literature review highlighting the key concepts and relevance to the research project; begin reading on the concept of Futurism.
Pria Jandu: 
History of the Carnival of Venice and the relation to Venice as a ‘place’; a complete literature review of ‘the Politics and Poetics of Transgression’.
Victor Uche & Poonam Cham: 
Pierre Bourdieu – Distinction (Habitus & Hexis in relation to Venice as a place)
Aivaras Zujus: 
Continue reading ‘The Production of Space’, posting a complete literature review on the archive by next week’s meeting; researching the location Venice, such as maps, monuments and possible derives.

Pria had issues posting up on blog, posts to be up by tonight or if not able to post up add as a document on Face book page or alternatively email: justinacordis@yahoo.co.uk.

Justina has issues with the reading, understanding and relating; The Productions of Space, so has done various reading and research on ‘The Situationist’s, and ‘The Condition of Post-modernity’ that relate to the notion of ‘Space’ in an attempt to gain more insight and understanding of Henri Lefebvre’s work.

Ryan completed and reviewed ‘Introducing Bakhtin’ by Sue Vice by chapter.

Aiviras has began to review the relevant section of ‘The Production of Space’ and will continue with this review over the next day or two.

2) To discuss the relevance of Martyns lecture on liminality, and the carnival.

3) Tasks that need to be completed for next week’s meeting were also delegated.

Justina Cordis: 
To continue to study and review, ‘The Production of Space’ Chapter: Spatial Architectonics – Henri Lefebvre, Italian Futurism – Tim Benton and also to review the media representations: The Tourist & Death In Venice.
Ryan Powell: 
To post a review of ‘Introducing Bakhtin’ – Sue Vice, begin reading ‘Futurism’ by Caroline Tisdall, and begin studying ‘Production of Place’.
Aivarus Zujus:
To study the concept of the derive, establishing the type we will be incorporating into the field trip. Post work on; Tourism and complete lit review of ‘The Production of Space’
Pria Jandu:
To post up previous work on History of Venice, Politics and Poetics of Transgression – Stallybrass & White, and to begin to study Chris Rojek’s 4 stage process from today’s lecture
Victor Uche: 
To develop previous post and reference any other sources used in post.
To do an in-depth research into the History of Venice in regards to Religion; such as the importance of religion to the inhabitants, any major religious factors that would influence the media representations to focus on the subject so prominently
Poonam Cham:   
To develop previous post and relate to the project, and to do some research on Victor Turners 3 stage process of liminality which can be found in the reading: From Ritual to Theatre

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday 16th February 2012. Time and place to be confirmed.


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