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Field Trip

Lost in Venice

On our fourth day I wanted to try something new, to see places where the tourists don’t go. To do that, I decided that I have to get lost in Venice.

I’ve been planning for a while to visit the most Northern, Southern and Eastern points of Venice that are accessible by foot. Western point is in the train station, so I skipped that. I decided to go for the North. After taking one last look at the map, I set off. I promised myself to not touch it again until I get where I wanted to be. It wasn’t very difficult, as it’s pretty much a straight road. Eventually I did get away from the crowds, following is one of the first pictures I took on the way.

This wasn’t too far from the main route to San Marco’s square, so there still were some tourists in the shot.

I reached the Northern spot in under half an hour, it was closer than I thought. What I found there? A very quiet, cosy, clean residential area with apartment blocks, normal people rushing to work and so on. I was the only one with a camera there. What’s the most Northern inch of the island? A bus stop. That’s what I found on the Eastern edge too, interestingly.

I then went towards the East end. Managed to get seriously lost. No matter where I turned, everywhere was a dead end, a small yard with some chairs and tables that people brought outside. However, I did hit a jackpot, I stumbled upon a photoshoot for some magazine (the guys there were all Italians and didn’t speak much English), one of the ladies posed for me 

I made a bunch of pictures but they all turned out to be almost the same, as it’s difficult to make facial expressions when wearing a mask. However, I thought that the next picture is much more interesting, it shows that there still is a normal, casual human under the fancy dress, probably texting with some friends or updating Facebook status

After a short chat I went on with my task. Around an hour after walking around narrow streets and dark alleys, I (surprisingly) found myself by a big and tall wall. I had to take the map out and check where I was. As it turned out, my plan was a success, it was one of the Arsenal’s walls. I tried getting in but I was told that it’s a military zone and access is restricted. I did take a whole bunch of pictures of it from all sides, as few hundred years ago this was the home of one of the strongest naval powers. 

The rest of the day went quite casually. We met up in the main square and stayed in the city until dark, as I wanted to see if Venice gets any different after the sun sets. Turns out, it does. I found a weird little canal with lots of boats parked in it, near the park. It was a bit spooky walking around without a single human to be seen. I did use the dark to snap some nice pictures both there and on the way back.

Cities at night is one of my weaknesses. That strange feeling when walking around on your own is… I guess “magical” would describe it well.

I saw a nice church too, couldn’t miss it 

Having a good camera is a real joy.

In the end, my plan has been a success. I did see plenty of things which tourists rarely see and I stumbled into some interesting people along the way. Photoshoot and the remote boatyard were the two things which made the whole day a success.



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