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Meeting Notes

Group Meeting: 7th March 2012

Coventry University Library, Room 113
Wednesday 7th March 2012
People in attendance:
Justina Cordis, Ryan Powell, Aivaras Zujus, Pria Jandu, Poonam Cham
People not in attendance:
Victor Uche

1) To discuss previous individual tasks;

Justina Cordis: 
Venice Field Trip.
Ryan Powell: 
Venice Field Trip.
Aivarus Zujus:
Venice Field Trip.
Pria Jandu:
To do an in-depth research into the History of Venice in regards to Religion; such as the importance of religion to the inhabitants, any major religious factors that would influence the media representations to focus on the subject so prominently.
Victor Uche: 
Liminality. (Other work as required)
Poonam Cham:   
Liminality. (Other work as required)

The main discussion that featured was regarding the field trip to Venice. Ryan, Justina and Aivarus reported back to the group on the various derives that they conducted as well as reporting back on their findings. They also stated that they are in the process of producing an overview of their time in Venice, incorporating the various theorists into the findings so that the field research can be contextualized.

2) Following a brief meeting with Martyn this morning, those present reported back to the absent group members and stressed the important key theorists that will heavily influence the outcome of this project and that focus should be given to these theorists specifically.

3) Tasks that need to be completed for next week were also delegated:

Justina Cordis: 
Following this, begin ready Stallybrass and White’s ‘the Politics and Poetics of Transgression’ and produce a literature review.
Ryan Powell: 
To produce a substantial review of the various derives conducted in Venice, as well as incorporating the relevant theory into the reflection of the field research. Following this, continue reading ‘the Politics and Poetics of Transgression’, this time focusing on the grotesque body chapter and produce a literature review of this chapter. Also, begin reading Chris Rojek ‘Decentring Leisure’ and, possibly, produce a literature review on the chapters read.
Aivarus Zujus:
To produce a substantial review of the various derives conducted in Venice, as well as incorporating the relevant theory into the reflection of the field research. Begin researching Umberto Eco, his work and relevance to the research project as well as researching any literature that Eco has produced and could aid this project.
Pria Jandu:
Continue reading the book ‘Grotesque Body in Art and Literature’ before continuing reading ‘the Politics and Poetics of Transgression’. Also, post on the blog the Indiana Jones film review and previous work that needs to be posted.
Poonam Cham:   
Previous work regarding liminality needs to be posted onto the blog as soon as possible, as well as ensuring any other outstanding work is also posted. Following this, begin looking at Michel Foucault and his theory of the Panopticon, as this was mentioned in a previous lecture. Attempt to determine the concepts relevance to the research project.

The next meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 15th March 2012 in the library in room 113 at either 10AM or 2PM. Time to be confirmed following confirmation of whether there is a lecture scheduled or not.



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