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Michel Foucault- Panopticon

Michel Foucault and his theory of the Panopticon

MIchel Foucault talks about how the government has taken over an over powering control over and invaded even more private aspects of our lives.

These are a few of some effects  the  new model of organization has

1.The internalization of rules and regulations- people are becoming more easily influenced and are just accept new rules and regulation.

2.rehabilitation rather than cruel and unusual punishment in the nineteenth-century people began to stand up against the inhumane ways in which prisoners and the insane were treated, Foucault questions what normal really is he explains how there are judges of even the professionals are everywhere.

Foucault also looks into what he called “culture of spectacle” to a “carceral culture.”

He looks at the ways in which people would be punished for crimes in the past which were usually tortured for, this would haven been displayed in public for everyone to see and be apart of the punishment of the individual. When there is a crime the person who committed the crime would be rehabilitated and taught how to live the way the government wants them to live, what’s right and what’s wrong according to the government and then they are thrown back into society and watched.

3. Surveillance into ever more private aspects of our lives. Foucault theory talks about how the system of control has been made even stronger and powerful due to new media technologies and other advancements such as the internet, telephones, mobile phones, security numbers and credit cards that make it possible for the people higher up to be able to see everything leaving people with no privacy, they cant do anything with out being watched or even listened to.

4. Information society maybe this change in society was the cause of invention of computer technology or the reason as it makes it able for people to be able to access information and become part of the data and organization of how everything is done so quick.

5. Bureaucracy which is a type of configuration which steers a separation from actual people within society because it makes individuals be statistics just numbers on paper.

6. Efficiency the most value is about the efficiently of the organization of the data and the individuals so they can get the most out of the production for more goods to be able to be produced with more information with no regard to the what counts as right or wrong.

7.Specialization before people used to work in teams and help each other as well as learn from each other, tasks that would have been shared in the past are now past onto other members of different sections of the workforce, the people at work in the own  jobs are replying on experts even the professional are relying on experts, each individual from a workforce is being separated into there own jobs made especially from them, they now have to complete the work they would have shared amongst each other as a team on there own now.

Foucault Panopticon explains each process of modernization and expresses the very unsettling effects it will and does have on society because of the power the individual has but most importantly the massive control government has.





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