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Pierre Bourdieu Habitus

Pierre Bourdieu Habitus

Habitus is the way a system of structures built up in people’s minds is used. People build up in their minds their identifications about the place and space in which they live in. Peoples surroundings, cultures, traditions and how they are brought up create the mental systems in there minds.

According to Pierre Bourdieu Habitus is the structure where people can produce their own thoughts and actions influenced by what surounds them, this is thought to have a massive influence over the structures we are surounded by.

Bourdieu veiws habbitus as the social structure of the world and also that the world is structured according to the habbitus.

 People who share the same traditions, religions, cultures and classes end up with similar thoughts to each to each other as they are brought up in the same social structures and follow the same rules which has an influence on the types of peoples minds just as their minds have an influence on there social structure and suroundings.

According to Bourdieu Habitus doesn’t determins the way people think and behave but sugesest how a person should act and how they should think. People know how to act and behave in the places they are brought up in and know about. People fit in as much as they can into the surroundings even if they don’t fully understand it, they would rather fit into the suroundings and social sturctures rather then be alone out of the structure.

 Habitus is ways of living,behaving and thinking set out in our minds acroding to the place and space in which someone is living. Although habitus is the effect our surroundings have on us, our social structure and surroundings are effected by the way we act think and live too. The activities particualar groups of people carry out in their daily routies with out even realizing is because of habitus, our surrounding provoke our thoughts as well as our thoughts and actioins influecing the surroundings.

Habitus can be thought of as a type of way the world is represented in peoples minds and how people look at the world in which we live. Every individual has their very own personal experiences which make them diferent in the world. Everyone goes through different experiences in life and it is these which provide personal and uniqe interperatations of each persons ‘habitus. People from different backgrounds have their own traditions and rituals that are carried out by the same group of people that have grown up or live in the same socialy structured place. Pierre Bourdieu talks about how when a child is introduced and put into a situation and place where particual things are made very important the  child will use what ever it was as a wy of looking back to who they are as their family and traditions can be thought of the defining of the child; ‘When a child grows up in a household in which music is not only listened to but also preformed, when a child is introduced at an early age to a noble instrument- especially the piano the effect is at least to produce a more familiar relationship to music which differs from the always somewhat distant, contemplative and often verbose relation of those who have come to music through concerts or even only through records’. Distinctions. A Social Critique of the Judgment of Taste. Conclusion. 1984, translated by Richard Nice, published by Harvard University Press, 1984 page 75







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