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The Second Derive photos

Photographs from the second derive, arranged chronologically. Click to start a slideshow.  

Carnival – Umberto Eco (key points, quotes)

“The idea of carnival has something to do with comic. So, to clarify the definition of carnival it would suffice to provide a clear definition of comic. Unfortunately, we lack such definition. From antiquity to Freud every attempt to define comic seems to be jeopardized by the fact that this is an umbrella term that … Continue reading

Turner: From Ritual to Theatre

Turners (1982) analysis on cultural performance has much relevance to the project, his book: ‘From Ritual to Theatre’ (1982), provides an informative study of the ways in which performances can be perceived. Turner highlights the factors that can contribute to the true expression which often lies under the capitalist culture in which entertainments such as … Continue reading

Pierre Bourdieu Habitus

Pierre Bourdieu Habitus Habitus is the way a system of structures built up in people’s minds is used. People build up in their minds their identifications about the place and space in which they live in. Peoples surroundings, cultures, traditions and how they are brought up create the mental systems in there minds. According to … Continue reading

Venice Field Trip Overview

Prior to the field trip to Venice we undertook various studies into the function of the Venetian Carnival within its chosen setting, taking into account its history and the key theoretical structures that have been established and developed. The key theorist regarding our specific topic is Mikhail Bahktin and his main concept of the ‘Carnivalesque’ … Continue reading

Group Meeting: 14th March 2012

Location: Coventry University Library, Room 113 Date: Wednesday 14th March 2012 Time: 2PM-4PM People in attendance: Justina Cordis, Ryan Powell, Aivaras Zujus, Pria Jandu, Poonam Cham, Victor Uche People not in attendance: N/A Aims: 1) To discuss previous individual tasks; Justina Cordis:  Following this, begin ready Stallybrass and White’s ‘the Politics and Poetics of Transgression’ … Continue reading

The Grotesque and its Meaning

The cover of this book is quite old and plain therefore I automatically thought it to be filled with old English, however I found it quite the opposite though it quotes an immense amount of Latin. It actually defines grotesque in an understandable form by viewing the words origins and extends on the meaning over … Continue reading

Michel Foucault- Panopticon

Michel Foucault and his theory of the Panopticon MIchel Foucault talks about how the government has taken over an over powering control over and invaded even more private aspects of our lives. These are a few of some effects  the  new model of organization has 1.The internalization of rules and regulations- people are becoming more … Continue reading

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Review

I decided to review Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as there was a main part set in the City of Venice. Even before watching the film, I had the idea of religion in my head, as I previously reviewed religion in Venice I believed there would be some connotations of religion. The main summary … Continue reading

Ritual to Theatre, Victor Turner

Ritual to Theatre Victor turner Firstly in Victor Turners chapter on Liminal to Liminod he begins explaining comparative symbology describing how it differs from disciplines like semiotics and symbolic anthropology which he explains are the study of such things like signs symbols and semiotics. In introducing signs symbols and semiotic he introduces the first theorist … Continue reading