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The Second Derive photos

Photographs from the second derive, arranged chronologically. Click to start a slideshow.  

Venice Field Trip Overview

Prior to the field trip to Venice we undertook various studies into the function of the Venetian Carnival within its chosen setting, taking into account its history and the key theoretical structures that have been established and developed. The key theorist regarding our specific topic is Mikhail Bahktin and his main concept of the ‘Carnivalesque’ … Continue reading

Field Research: Arsenale Derive

One of the derives that we conducted whilst in Venice was one that required us to explore the Arsenale area of Venice which is located on the Northern side of Venice, situated within the Castello district. By this point we had already explored a vast part of Venice, but we had yet to venture to … Continue reading

Lost in Venice

On our fourth day I wanted to try something new, to see places where the tourists don’t go. To do that, I decided that I have to get lost in Venice. I’ve been planning for a while to visit the most Northern, Southern and Eastern points of Venice that are accessible by foot. Western point … Continue reading

3rd day, going to the Carnival

Today we ventured into Venice with the intentions of experiencing the carnival first hand. The atmosphere in San Marco was very lively, even though it was raining quite heavily initially, the rain stopped in the early afternoon. The main square in San Marco was very busy with various stall’s, bars and an open theatre where … Continue reading

1st and 2nd day, Arriving and Settling in Venice

After arriving in Italy and settling down in the town that our hotel resides in, Mestre, for the first day we ventured into Venice to complete two different derives of the city. Before we had even departed for Venice, whilst waiting on the platform for our train there were several individual’s that caught our attention. … Continue reading

What to do in Venice?

This is going to be a bit of a practical post, outlining some of the things that we’re going to do once we get to Venice. We will arrive at Treviso airport in early afternoon and will then take a bus to Mestre. Our hotel is very close to the bus station, merely a 10 … Continue reading


All cities have certain attributes connected with them. There always are certain things that pull us towards them. What these things are and how much we are attracted to them depends mostly on who we are and why we are in some particular city. We can be tourists, students studying there, local residents or people … Continue reading

Booking the flights and accomodation

We all agreed that we want to see the Venice during the carnival AND after it, to be able to compare the impact that the carnival has on the city, so we decided to fly to Venice in the middle of it, on 18th of February and to fly back on 23rd. We chose these … Continue reading