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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Review

I decided to review Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as there was a main part set in the City of Venice. Even before watching the film, I had the idea of religion in my head, as I previously reviewed religion in Venice I believed there would be some connotations of religion. The main summary … Continue reading

Death in Venice (1971)

Death in Venice ‘The celebrated story of a man obsessed by ideal beauty’ The Bafta award winning film produced by Luchino Vicotti in 1971, reproduced by the Warner Bros in 1999, based originally on the novel ‘Death in Venice’. The main character Gusto, who appears dark and mysterious, in character, is a composer on a … Continue reading

Casanova (2005)

Having already watched two modern representations of Venice in two films, after further research I came across a list of films on the internet that listed a range of films that are set in Venice. One of the films on this list that stood out to me was the 2005 film, Casanova, starring the late … Continue reading

Dont Look Now (1973)

The film which is set in Venice, Italy is about a couple who recently lost their daughter who tragically drown. It is in Venice that John and Laura Baxter begin to experience mysterious occurrences whilst John is working for commission on a Church in the city. The film adds to the stereotypical viewing of Venice … Continue reading

The Talented Mr Ripley (2001)

The Talented Mr Ripley, starring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow, is the second popular representation of Venice that I have analysed, the first being Eyes Wide Shut starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. After watching the previous representation it became apparent to me how out of my depth I feel when conducting a … Continue reading

The History of Venice PART 1

I have just watched short documentary titled: The Death of Venice (1995), the documentary highlighted some of the major ecological issues that continue to cause issues regarding the sustainability of the city economically as well as in a literal sense. The text refers to Venice initially as ‘the mask of Italy’; the documentary is narrated by Dr … Continue reading

Eyes Wide Shut

In order to fully engage with the project brief, it has been highlighted that more than simply Venice, the place itself, should be considered. In a brief meeting last term it was mentioned how we should not simply limit ourselves to the ‘hexis’ (as it is theoretically regarded) of Venice alone but should also conduct … Continue reading