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Religion in Venice

When looking at Italy as a whole, I automatically assumed it was a religious country. As soon as I think of Italy I straight away add connotations of religion; the Pope, the Vatican, Churches, and Cathedrals etc. As the Pope resides in Vatican City I assumed, as many others do, that it’s from this city … Continue reading

Death in Venice (1971)

Death in Venice ‘The celebrated story of a man obsessed by ideal beauty’ The Bafta award winning film produced by Luchino Vicotti in 1971, reproduced by the Warner Bros in 1999, based originally on the novel ‘Death in Venice’. The main character Gusto, who appears dark and mysterious, in character, is a composer on a … Continue reading

Tourism in Venice

Venice has a very long and noble history. The birth of Venice is identified with the opening of its first church, which happened on  25 March 421. It was first a village of fishermen, but it expanded quickly and became the centre of the Republic of Venice. It was one of the biggest maritime powers during … Continue reading

The History of Venice Carnival – PART 2

I have come across a very informative and brief explanation of the Venice Carnivals history which highlights all the major changes that have occurred in relation to tourism and the Italian tradition. Venice Carnival, History The Venice Carnival is the most internationally known festival celebrated in Venice, Italy, as well as being one of the oldest. This congregation of masked people, … Continue reading